Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to our fathers Robert and Ken!! We love you and miss you!

A Happy Fathers Day to Caleb!

Happy Fathers Day to our Brothers, Brothers In Law, Uncles, and Cousins!

And a Happy Fathers Day to all of our dear friends who help make us Aunt Trixie and Uncle Phil. A special shout out to the single fathers who do it all and make it look so easy! (And that, Eric, you can Black and Decker!)

P and V

Sunday, June 8, 2008

No new is good news...

Well, things are coming back to normal around here. People are back to work, the resort sands are raked, the rooms are filling up with about 30 guests and the Spa is open and booking appointments.

There was some issues with the water in our building. But its back and its running clear. I think if I had to choose between running water and electricity... I would choose the water!

I see the guest out swimming in the pool and Sea... and I kinda cringe. The pool is still a bit green and the sea is still kinda brown. I think people think its brown from the waves... but its not. A few nights ago the sea smelled so bad... You couldn't pay me to even walk in the sea right now. I miss the beautiful blue-green!

Thursday late afternoon, the Blue Crabs came out. They were everywhere! I'll have to get photos the next time. They run all over the resort, in the dining room, on the roads....everywhere.

We got our first letters in the mail! One was mailed on April 27, the other on May 10. Thank you Michelle! Send to the address on our card or to:
C/O Jaguar Reef Lodge
Hopkins Village
Stann Creek District
Belize, Central America

Well that is the latest and greatest!
Love Phil and Vicki

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tropical Storm #1

Stan Creek District Map

Sunday night we had a tropical storm move over us. The wind was amazing! We were safe in our apartment. In the morning we got up to take some photos of the storm damage.
Around 7a.m. there was word that Sittee, the next little town over was flooding! Many of the resorts workers live there. As time went by we heard there was one death. The bridge on the Southern Highway were washed out, and the bridges going to Belmopan are washed out.

Our own guides and workers joined in the rescue missions with the boast and docks. The next dock north of us was being used to rescue people form the town of Dangreag where we shop. The power had to be turned off for the safety of the rescues.

So in trying to keep things feeling normal, we at the spa tried to do some services... but with no power and water it was not going to happen. We were able to do 2 massages before we had to stop. Then around maybe I had a note on the front desk to come and look out back on the road.... the water was coming!! In the first time that people in our area could remember, the road and Hopkins was being flooded! There was a crocodile sighting floating down the road as well.

Talk about seeing people work had and fast! They JRL crew drove workers home who were stranded, they moved all the cars and golf carts.... They did a fantastic job of getting all that needed to be done, done. Phil made some quick sand bags and sealed doors to the basement with the washer and dryer. He prepped a lot of little things and then with 2 other guests, (Hi Nancy and Bill!! We hope to see you again when you come back!!) went further down the beach and dug a trench to help drain the flood water into the sea. I got the upstairs Vista suite cleaned up from the rain leaks and made up a few extra beds in case we had to move people upstairs. I also made some candle kits for each room for lighting at night. The water rose fast and by dark was going down.

We had no electricity, no running water, the generator was under water as well. Its amazing how all the guest mad the most of it and had fun. The drinks were a little strong last night too...that may have helped. the dinner was fantastic that JRL Kitchen made. (we cook with gas here) By 7 we got the Almond Beach generator back up and running so they had AC for the night. We set up a open suite for employees to take showers. That was like Heaven!! Our building didn't have the generator, but we had a nice wind coming off the ocean.

This morning we awoke to an almost dry road. We got some of our guests out at 6:30 another couple at 8:30. That was when our power came back on. And that was also when I was given the news that the water is coming back up. Its rising in Sittee right now and the next couple to leave will go by boat to Dangrega as the roads are being closed again. So I am not sure what "round 2" will be like for us today.

I talked to some of my employees and the water went all through Hopkins. One of my employees houses is some 10-15 feet off the ground...the water was half way up to her home!

So we are safe and sound... Its just a part of the adventure! Lots of clean up going on today. Can't wait to take a shower!!

Here are the photos:
First here is the must see photos of our area

Storm Damage Photos

Then the flood waters came....

See the water here... the next truck photos is where it water crested for the most part...

From the construction sight next door to us.... A pole floating away. We had 5, we have 1 still here... The water did get to the rims by the end of the daythis is the road I run/walk each morning... Looking from behind JRL towards the SpaStaff Kitchen and staff rooms upstairs, resort laundry room lower level.... I often park under that tree to the right.

Final Photo: The sea is all brown form the river waters. This happens all the time when it rains, but usually you can see the blue-green water of the sea like a line further out... can't today!