Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back from my quick trip

I am back from my quick trip to Belize. I am happy to say that I officially have a new job! I am the new manager of Butterflies Spa. This is a picture of the owner, Pat and I. The spa employees 6 other staff members. We have 3 massage therapists, one cosmetologist covering nails, hair, and skincare and 2 young ladies that cover the desk and also do nails, braiding, and some skincare. There is a great energy there and the art work and room designs are beautiful! I'll have more photos from inside the spa and the staff next trip.

For today's Belize lesson I want to share a little about the Doctor Fly. Its summer (or the dry season) in Belize.... and that means its Doctor Fly season. Now, not that this should keep you from coming to Belize, but they have these flies there that look like a deer fly with the yellowish wings. They first land on you... numb the area they are on then bite! That is when you feel them. Next to come is the swelling and pain. For me it felt like a bruise about the size of a silver dollar. For some the pain and stiffness can go fully up the arm or leg. Some others, they can get watery eyes etc. After about a few hours, the pain stop and the swelling slowly goes down...and the itching sets in. They say not to scratch because it makes it worse. All I am saying is when you make your packing list to come to Belize it should resemble this... 1. Bug Spray 2. Benadryl 3. Hydrocortisone Cream. But trust me Belize is worth it!!! Can you see the swelling in my left hand?

Monday, February 11, 2008


I received an Email over the weekend that I was not expecting, but knew it could come. The Spa Manager position has opened up sooner than expected. I will leave this Thursday (2/14-2/18) for a long weekend to work on a contract and start planning on the future. It looks like my new job will begin in the middle of March- April!

At this time, Phil and I have more questions than answers about how everything will fall together... but we have Faith in God and that it will!

I just started to officially tell my clients this past week that I will be moving in June... Surprise! It's seems so much harder to tell my clients than to tell our families and friends.

More Soon!!