Monday, September 22, 2008

Here in MN

Well, I am here in Minnesota, but Phil is still in Belize. He offered to stay behind and work while the resorts are closed for maintenance. He says he is keeping very busy!

I have been busy shopping and seeing family and friends...its a lot to fit in! Fun and exhausting at the same time.

I return to my Hubby and Belizean home on Monday. I'll have my laptop then and post a few photos.

Monday, September 8, 2008

What Happened to August?

So here it is... the 8th of September!

Happy Birthday Grandma!! And Happy Birthday to Freida too... she is 2 years old.
So to give a little recap, we made it home form Guatemala. Phil's recovery went well. He is feeling great and is back to his usual self.

We returned to a full month of August. It started with BETEX The Belize Tourism Expo. This was the first year that the Travel Agents and Wholesaler came to the country and went to a different resort each day. In the past they all meet at the Princess Hotel for a one stop 3 day expo. For 3 days we gave tours to groups of both Almond Beach Resort and the Spa and in the evening meet with indeviduals in a small booth setting. I loved givng tours. It was so fun to see their faces as they looked at the our beautiful suites....mouths wide open. I learned a few more things about our resort and about the industry. It was a good time... tiring for every one involved, but good non the less.

The next big event here was 8/8/08. We had 3 wedding here at the resort! Some on the beach, some on the dock. Sometime the couples will have the drummers come and drum. Above are some of the employees of the resorts who joined the drummers and sang in Garifuna as the bride came down the isle and after as well. Great people and smiles around this place!

At the Spa we had manicure and pedicure booked all day on the 7th and about 10 Updo's the day of. It was a fun time in the Spa! Man, the girls can do some beautiful updos!
One of the couples that got married that day was Kim Ly and James...form Friendly Fridly MN!! Kim Ly's sister's boyfriend's Dad (did you fallow that?) lives in Scandia and James works for Minnesota School of Business (where I taught for 2 years) in Richfield (where I attended massage school). SMALL WORLD!

After the weddings came a 3 day photos shoot form Kristy Duggan. Beautiful photos of the Spa and of our staff and the resort as well. I myself can wait to see the new photos on the website.

All of a sudden, August went by with a few reports of the State Fair... I love the idea of Chocolate Dipped Bacon!

So now it is September and we are looking at one week until we come home to MN and MI for 2 weeks. We will arrive home on Monday Sept 15 in the late evening. We will be going to Michigan on Wed, Sept 18 and retuning to Scandia on Tues Sept 23. We go home to Belize around the 29th. We hope to spend time with everyone and do some shopping!!

Phil is watching the Vikings as I type. I have to say my new number 4 tattoo is healing well...that is a joke, Mom... We get New York stations on the Dish so I will be able to follow my boy, Brett all season long...

Much Love

~V and P