Monday, October 27, 2008

Catching Up

Here is what is for news in Belize!

Phil's Doctor Visit
Phil had his first fallow up to all his adventures in July. He has been taking his meds and making changes in diet and all that good stuff. Dr Cuellar was very please to see Phil's cholesterol down to 113, hdl34 and ldl at 51!! TOO LOW! YEAH! So his meds we adjusted a little and he will be rechecked in mid November. Phil is feeling GREAT and staying very active. He truly loves living in Belize. He was just chuckling to himself that he is still in shorts...

First Visitor!

On October 7 my former Cosmetology Instructor (form 1991) and DEAR FRIEND, Jeri Flom came to Belize. She was invited down form Butterflies Spa to share her 48 years of knowledge of the Beauty Industry with us at the Spa. We had great training and wonderful visits! It was a teary good bye for me when she left. I love that Classy Lady!

Tropical Storm... close enough for us!
When I returned to Belize at the start of October, the rainy season moved form being mostly at night to being mostly all day. In fact, I think Jeri had 3 days of sun in her 10 day visit. On the day she left (Th, Oct 16) she had to leave earlier than scheduled form the resort as the road in and out of Hopkins was flooding some. That night the winds picked up and the rain came hard! There was a tropical storm moving through norhtern Honduras. And as it goes in life... the order that was to be delivered anytime in the past few weeks... arrived at 11:45 that evening. I am not sure whom I feel bad for the most... Phil who unloaded the truck or the driver who came all the way from Belize City to Hopkins and was going back all the way.
The next morning I took these photos of the line where the waves broke. Phil said they were well up and over the dock where we do massage.

Now, Mind you this is the normal wave line below...

A home burned, but love remains

One of our Dear Friends who works at the resort, her home burnt down last weekend. And in the same fashion of support that we had here when Phil was sick, the community pulled together to support her too. Its sad to loose everything you own...I can't imagine! But love concurs all! Here is Kim and her son and Me with her daughter... Look at those eyes!

And now the weather...

It doesn't seem like October here. But the weather has gone from the 90's to the high 70's...low 80's tops with cool breezes. I actually feel cold at times. You can click on the weather icon to the right to see our forecast and radar. Chance of rain every day... that's the rainy season for ya.

Much Love

Phil and Vicki

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Staff Day 9/15/08

Thought I would catch up on a few fun things. This was in September. Our Spa Staff took a day to have some fun. We started at Old Belize first for lunch.
Eunes, Ray, Desiree, Pat, Reina and Erin
We met a Local Celebrity! This is Rene Villanueva, Co Host of the LOVEFM Morning Show. We all love his voice!
We also learned just how brave our Eunes is! She did the zip line at Old Belize!
Signing her life away...

That is her up top with Erin who took some photos.
Here she comes!

This is the water slide at Old Belize. We all thought we would love to do the water slide until we saw it. I think I would pass out going up the steps! For the brave at heart, that is for sure! It was fun to see people fly down it!

Next stop was Bacab Eco Park! girls went on the horse back tour Ray did some R-n-R at the pool...
Very nice pool!!