Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cold Fronts

Friday was a beautiful day... then the Cold Front came in. This is Saturday afternoon. Not all cold front blow in this hard but they always are cool and full of rain.
I feel so bad for our guests who's trip is more rain then sun.
I think we have had more rain then sun this winter... it has been an unusual winter here. We are past hurricane season. Far too cold now.

Sunday was cloudy and Monday was sunny and nice again.
Yesterday was cloudy with showers... today is sun again...

Friday Nights

Friday night we play Bachi Ball at Beaches an Dreams. Phil is the official referee. Thanks to Jim and Lois he is now very official in his Referee shirt. A while back Phil built a Snadboni to drag the course after each game. So, the looser of the game has to drag the course as some of us chant "Oh-E-Oh" the march from the Wizard of OZ. I'll have to get Sandboni Photos Friday....Oh, Yes that is a megaphone that Phil made! And the tape measure to, well, measure who is closer.
Green inside, Red throws!

Manatees off the Dock

Friday was Dock Massage day. It was a perfect day to be working in my "outdoor office". Eunes and I were massaging away, when we noticed that the Manatees were out feeding. They come down the river and feed on the sea grass. There were 3 of them, more than likely a family. They were not too far off the dock. You will see their rump and tail when they dive down or sometimes their nose. I went and got my camera, but its like the watched pot that never boils. So no good shots... But her is my best one... that is its nose.... I think....

New Mailing Address

We now have a Post Office Box in Dangriga. You can continue to mail things C/O Jaguar Reef Lodge in Hopkins Village, but we found out that some things have been sent back saying we don't live there...

Phil and Vicki Cross
PO Box 155
Dangriga Town
Stann Creek District
Belize, Central America

So feel free to drop us a line! We love mail!