Tuesday, March 10, 2009

San Ignacio

A few weeks ago we went to explore the Cayo district. We went to San Ignacio. We stayed at the Cahal Pech Resort. It is up on a hill side near the Cahal Pech Maya Ruin.

They have a hotel with rooms or you can stay in a cabana. We stayed in a cabana. Simple, and clean. Some have been remodeled.

The view on the hill top is SO beautiful!

Our Cabana
Over looking the city and at night the light twinkle. So nice and relaxing

Above the restaurant and below he bar area
The pool was very nice! 2 pools actually. One upper and one lower.This guy over looks the upper pool!!

The next morning we walked around town went to the market. The veggies and fruits were SO fresh! Much fresher than in our Market in Dangriga. We found basil and raspberries! HEAVEN! They have lots of shops and great little places to try different wonderful foods. We had 3 small tacos for $1.00 BZ ($.50US) Belize is just filled with the nicest people too. this are is mostly the Spanish and Maya culture. It is close to the Guatemala boarder so you do have a lot of trucks going through the town, traffic is more like a city...as it is a city. You can get a tour to Tikal the Maya ruins in Guatemala as its just a few hours drive form San Ignacio. Wonderful place! A great place to go if you are traveling around the country!


Emergency Ceramic Engineer Back Up

A few weeks ago, Tony and Angela's kitchen assistant was sick. So they asked Phil if he could fill in. Phil was very excited to be back in the kitchen, even though it was to just wash dishes.

Phil, his Hot Sauce apron and his dish pan hands. He had a good time.

Carol and George From Lindstrom, MN!!

Carol has been a client and friend of mine for a long time now! She and her hubby, George, decided to go on a winter vacation and decided to come visit us in Belize. They stayed in Almond Beach and we got to spend a good amount of time with us.
They were our "test couple" for trips and tours with our insides scoop. We had so much fun and a weeks is just not enough time! Thank you George an Carol for sharing your vacation with us!

From Last Years Flood

This is a view of the old Kendal Bridge. It was destroyed in last Junes flood.

This is the bridge remains washed down stream.
South End of the old Bridge

North side of the bridge. People talk about how that night in the flood the rivers flooded. A storm came off the ocean, another storm came from Guatemala and they met over the mountains. It was more than just the rivers flooding, it was a wall of water that wiped out so much. They say there was a tree jam that took out the Kendal Bridge.
Now, the road diverts down the bank a little and this bridge is the temporary bridge. Over the summer it got washed out a few times. Its not very high up and has no sides... kinda strange to drive over. When you see cars going over, you park and wait your turn. Sometimes there are people there to monitor the traffic, but not always.

Orange Trees in Bloom

Last month the Orange trees were in bloom. The beautiful scents would fill the air as you drive by the many many orange groves through out Belize. We picked this and it scented our appartment! They harvest the current crop as the trees bloom for the next crop. Next Harvest should be in June or so. The oranges here are more green on the outside and are mostly for juicing. Citrus Valley is located close to us in Stann Creek District. The juice is so good!

Ever wonder what happens to the rined and pulp after the juicing? It is use to feed live stock and as a fertilizer. It has the most disgusting smell too... can't eve describe it!

Cockscomb Basin Wild Life Preserve

A few weeks ago... OK, it was like a month ago, Phil and I took a morning trip to Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Preserve. It is know around here a just The Jaguar Preserve as well.

Signs as you drive into the preserve
Always love this saying
This is in front of the Information Center and Gift Shop.
An Ant trail. Amazing busy little workers!

Beautiful all around!

Places to swim and tube (ready, Dan and Diane?)

So many plants growing wild that we have in our homes in the States

One can camp and hike for days in this place. Here is the web page for more!