Thursday, November 26, 2009

That'll Do, Pig, That'll Do

I have always loved the movie Babe. Well, did you some of it was filmed here? This is the place for the Sheepdog Championship Trials. (
This is located on the courthouse lawn out front of our place. Very neat.I am embarrassed to say that Bonita and Freida went nuts barking at the dog and the sheep when they first saw it. I had a few guests say the same about there dogs too..

Meeker Hometown Holidays

The next bit of fun will be on Tuesday December 2, 2009n with Meeker's Hometown Holidays. There is different activities gong on under the full moon including the lighting of the big trees out front of the Court House, across from the Meeker Hotel and Cafe. I can't wait to have the trees light up and be able to see them from our apartment over the Holidays

Bonita and Freida went a little nuts watching the boom truck and men putting up the lights this week.

We will be having an open house that day showcasing our rooms with little holiday touches. I think the towns people will enjoy seeing the rooms as how many of us stay in hotels in our own town? Not too often. The rooms are more like a B&B over a hotel room- each with a different theme.
This is the Balcony Suite. the door you see opened to the big balcony on the Hotel.

A table set up for a Romantic Dinner

There is a small second bedroom in all suites that has two twin beds. I will get photos of the little room of the balcony suite this week with the holiday decor... it will have paper snowflakes... so cool.

This is the Gary Cooper Suite This is the little bedroom off the G.C. Suite. More Holiday touches to come. More photos to come later this week.

First and Second Snow

On October 27 we received our fist snow fall. Reports were that we would receive anywhere from 6-12 inches in the next day or two. We drove to Rifle to our nearest Walmart and bought snow shovels... and people looked at us kinda strange as the sun was still shining. But as we drove back to Meeker, the snow was falling in the mountain tops. This is what it looks like... very neat.

So it snowed about 6-8 inches and it all melted by Sunday, Nov.1. There was just a trace on the ground for the trick or treaters.
The second snow fall came on Friday Nov 13... and it was rain at 5:30 in the morning and by 8a.m. it was sticking to everything. It was another 6-8 inches and in the days leading to the snow we were supposed to get more on Sat into Sunday but it shifted and hit Denver on Sunday with a foot or more in some areas.
People tell us we should have 3 feet on the ground by now. We live in a Christmas Card setting...

The snow is mostly all melted again now, but that makes Thanksgiving feel more fall. I think I heard that we may see some more of the white stuff this Monday?!

I truly love winter and snow. Phil may not be as excited as I am about it though...he loved that about Belize- No Snow!

As they say You can take the Midwest girl out of the snow, but she will always be a bit flakey! ;-)

Halloween in Meeker Colorado

We have been very busy here at the Meeker Hotel and Cafe! Time just flies by while we meet new people and learn new things. And this little town does so many fun activities, there is always something going on it seems.

Fall is my favorite season and Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. The Saturday before before Halloween, I awoke to the sound of a bob cat tractor on main street. The Chamber and the local furniture store set up a pumpkin patch in the courthouse yard for kids 5th grade and under to come get free pumpkins.

On Halloween itself, the local parks and recreation group host Eats an Treats where all the kids come to trick or treat to the businesses in town and they have a chili feed for them. The kids line up at the elementary school for costume judging and then they make a parade down main street before collecting their goodies. This year the Meeker Hotel and Cafe handed out a piece of candy attached to a coupon for a free corn dog from the Cafe. It was a bit of a nostalgic thing for me as when I was a little girl, we would always get a coupon for a corn dog or small hamburger from Meister's Bar and Grill... and then I worked there for many years in my twenty-something years. It kinda neat to pass on some fun memories. (shout out to Bob and M.M.)We decorated the hotel lobby for Halloween and most of the staff dressed up as well.